Our Mission

To give our students the tools, information and the edge they need to work through the college admissions process fully informed and prepared for success. To provide these services in an ethical manner that promotes integrity and honesty among our students throughout the process.

Team Education abides by NACAC’s Standard Principles of Good Practice:

  • Members will make protecting the best interests of all students a primary concern in the admission process.
  • Members will evaluate students on the basis of their individual qualifications and strive for inclusion of all members of society in the admission process.
  • Members will provide accurate admission and financial aid information to students, empowering all participants in the process to act responsibly.
  • Members will honor students’ decisions regarding where they apply and choose to enroll.
  • Members will be ethical and respectful in their counseling, recruiting and enrollment practices.
  • Members will strive to provide equal access for qualified students through education about financial aid processes and institutional financial aid policies.
  • Members will abide by local, state and federal laws regarding the treatment of students and confidential information.
  • Members will support a common set of admission-related definitions and deadlines.
  • Members will support and enforce the Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

*from NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice 2010

*Team Education’s Director of College Admission Counseling is a NACAC Member

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