Client Reviews

Hi Tess,

How are you? It has been a long time since we met.
What I want to tell you is that I really enjoy studying at Colgate! I have picked the right university! We have begun classes for two days and I really like my professors! They are so knowledgeable and interesting, and I feel I can establish a close relationship with them. Students here are so nice and the campus is absolutely beautiful! As you know, I joined the pre-orientation of Maroon-News (university newspaper). I wrote an article on the student profiles of the Class of 2019, and it was published in the school newspaper! This is the first time for me to publish my own article with my name below in the school newspaper. I want to continue writing articles for Maroon-News and join other clubs, such as music groups and sports teams as well.
I really want to say thank you for helping me get into such a great university! Without you, I may not even know Colgate and would not apply for the school! You are very farseeing and are the most professional counsellor I have ever met! I am very glad of having chosen you and I hope that we can keep in contact!

High School Graduate 2015

Colgate University, Class of 2019

The biggest impression TEAM Education has made on me is that they are so conscientious and excellent in their work. Before we signed the contract, they spent a lot of time talking to us in order to fully understand our son’s abilities and needs as well our concerns and hopes as parents. After we signed, they have met and exceeded all of our expectations. They have a tremendous knowledge of the US colleges and the process and have been able to teach us and guide us in our decision-making. We are not only happy with their consulting services, everyone in my family is deeply moved.

BL, Chinese National, Shanghai.

Son applied to American universities
Without Team Education Consultants, our son could not have done so well. They were there to help him each step of the way. Team provides services that really suited and fit our son, especially for the suggestions and advice on college selection. The most remarkable and notable thing for me as a mother was how they worked with my son to help him find and know himself, his strengths and key interests. This in turn has also greatly improved his self-confidence. As parents we appreciate and value this the most.

Now our son has smoothly entered his first year in college with high confidence and everything is going well. We are delighted we met Team Education. I want to say ‘Thank you” again.

BL, Chinese National, Shanghai

Son attending University of Washington, Bothell

During the process of selecting universities/colleges in USA, we have enjoyed the exquisite and thoughtful services and great patience from TEAM Education Consultants. The application process provided our daughter the opportunity to gain self-knowledge and self-discovery. We are delighted to see the changes in our daughter during this process: she has a much clearer idea on school selection now, she felt as though she was in a fog at the very beginning; Her English speaking is fluent and confident now, but she stammered when she first met with Tess. The education method conducted by Team Education are heuristic and encouraging. This showed us the difference between American style education and Chinese style education. In TEAM’s belief, there is no GOOD school or BAD school. It’s the FIT that matters. That’s why they work to try to find out the unique things of each child and find the best fit school for them. By virtue of a professional and attentive service, TEAM removed our fears of language barrier and culture difference. They provide a full range of study plans for each individual student’s needs are not just limited to improving testing skills for TOEFL and SAT. We look forward to our daughter’s application results to USA university/college due to the excellent work done by TEAM.

MCY, Chinese National, Shanghai

Daughter attending university

I was very happy to talk with you last time in my home, our family had a long talk after the conversation between us after your consultation. Thanks to your explanation about Psychology and the possibilities available to me if I were allowed to pursue it, my parents finally agreed to let me go to graduate school to study Psychology and regard it as my real career. Thank you so much for helping me find my goal for life after graduation.

YX, Chinese National, Guangzhou.

2nd year student at Northeastern University
Since September, 2011, our daughter, Kate, has been receiving tutoring and college preparation, including SAT preparation, from Team Education. The services provided by Team Education have exceeded our expectations. We have been impressed by the quality of the instruction in the college preparation program and the level of knowledge of university requirements and opportunities presented by Team Education’s Tess Robinson. Tess has taken time to get to know our daughter and is well aware of Kate’s weaknesses as well as her strengths. Tess has tirelessly worked to enhance and highlight Kate’s strengths while stretching her so that she may gain success in areas that are more challenging to her. Also, Tess maintains consistent weekly communications with Kate and ourselves which permits us to monitor and track Kate’s progress. We have also been very impressed by the tutors provided by Team Education. The tutors that we have encountered have been dedicated professionals whose main goal is to see Katie acheive academic success. As with Tess, the tutors address Kate’s individual needs and adjust their instruction to best suit her.

It was important to us that Tess and Team Education teach college readiness and not just academic preparedness. By attending Team Education, Kate has learned life lessons, such as organization, time management, self-advocacy and self-critique. While Kate has made substantial academic progress since starting with Team Education, her greatness success has been in an increased self awareness and maturity. These qualities will serve her not only through her college career but will also enhance her life.

Well done TEAM!
Thank you

American Mother

Concordia International School, Shanghai
Dear Sean, Torwon, Bo, and Tess

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the efforts in “shaping up” my daughter’s motivation in her academic achievement. What ever you guys are doing- works!!

Yesterday was xxx Parent Teacher Conference and I met up with a few of her teachers, including a support teacher that helps xxx in improving her reading comprehension…All the teachers commented on the improvement and progress she has made in terms of her grade, quality of work, deep level of thinking and sense of responsibility. They all said they saw a dramatic improvement in quality of work and efforts put in. The important thing is that they all know it doesn’t come easy for her in writing …but she is working extra hard to move up her grades. Her teacher (a tough grader) was particularly generous in her compliments about xxx and how she is able to ask good questions and present work showing a deeper level of thinking.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Again, just want to keep you posted on and thank you for all your efforts.

American Parent

Shanghai American School, Pudong

Henry has been working really hard on his IB exams these past weeks. He seems to have a much better learning attitude and passion. I believe you, Dr. Woz, and Tess have already made a meaningful impact on him.

Chinese National, Shanghai.

Son attends Shanghai United International School

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