TEAM Education offers a full range of services designed to help our clients successfully enroll in an education institution in the English speaking world.

One-on-One Individual Consulting 
  • Individual student assessment
  • Personalized high school study plans
  • Personalized college selection & evaluation assistance to help you discover the universities & colleges that are best suited to your academic, social and interest profile.
  • Summer Program planning
  • College resumes and mock interviews
  • Oversee and provide assistance throughout the entire application process
Small Group Consulting
  • Group based high school study and extracurricular activity planning.
  • Group presentation and discussion on types of universities and colleges, selection criteria and evaluation.
  • Group based planning activities including resumes, test planning, summer programs, application and interview assistance, essay editing.
CAC: College Application Camp! (Seniors only)

Intense 4 day college application camp during which students will complete their general applications and write and refine their college essays and supplements. This program is for Seniors only. CAC! Specific application required. Please contact us for details.

Graduate Program Admissions Consulting
  • Individual Assessment
  • Personalized career consulting
  • Resume development
  • Internship and summer planning
  • Graduate program evaluation and selection assistance
  • Essay editing
  • Mock interviews
  • Oversee and provide assistance throughout the entire application process
College Discovery Tours

Why leave this life changing decision to chance?
Travel with our experienced professionals to US Colleges and Universities. Talk to Admissions personnel, tour the campuses and surrounding areas, see academic, sport and social facilities and dormitories. Ask questions … TEAM Education help you to determine which colleges are the best fit for you.

Essay Editing

Read and critique student written essays for clarity of ideas and effective communication. Note we do not write essays nor parts of essays for students, but instead assist them in developing their own thinking which allows them to write their own unique story.

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