College Admissions Consulting

Why Counseling?

Selecting a college is one of the first and certainly one of the most important decisions of a student’s life. It is a decision that requires significant self-evaluation, research and preparation.   While students and their families can navigate this process on their own, the knowledge of an experienced college counselor can be invaluable in reducing stress and helping the student not only understand the process, but also to prepare in enough time to actually achieve his or her goals.

Unlike traditional college admissions counselors, we at TEAM Education know that while it is never too early to start thinking about and planning for college, at some point it can be too late.  The classes selected or not selected, summer activities and volunteer activities among other things all have significant impact on the student’s ability to stand out from the thousands of other students applying to the same set of colleges.

Ideally, we begin consulting with students as early 9th grade (4th grade in Middle school for Chinese students), giving them the information, guidance and encouragement they need to make the choices at the beginning of their high school careers that will lead them towards acceptance at the colleges they aspire to attend. We also work with older students to best help them emphasize their best achievements and uniqueness when time is more limited, but this is not the ideal.  We do offer intense courses to help final year students submit their strongest college applications possible.

Individually Tailored Intensive Tutoring 
College Application Camp – CAC
Essay editing

As independent college admissions counselors, our only allegiance is to our students and families we serve.  We do not receive money from the universities at which our students matriculate, nor do we require additional fees for our students applying to Ivy League institutions. Our only goal is for our students to succeed at entering the best college for them and then succeed at the university level.  We guide them on the long and sometimes confusing journey to their goal.

Preparing for college is an emotional process, parents have expectations, students have hopes and then one must consider their academic ability, talents, interests and personality and match it up with the thousands of sounds bytes about what to do…and then there is the research…. How does one pick the right school from among the 5000+ colleges and universities in the English-speaking world?

One of the best things you can do is find a top-quality and qualified college admissions counselor who is dedicated to helping you through your unique search.  In selecting an independent counselor you should look for the following:

Industry Specific Training in the field of college admissions counseling
Regular college visits and high level of familiarity with a wide variety of colleges and universities
Active memberships in professional associations such as NACAC, OACAC and IECA
Adherence to high ethical standards

TEAM Education Director of Counseling has all of these qualifications.  We invite you to call our offices and set up a meeting today to learn about how we can help you and your family begin your college search in a timely and age appropriate way.

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