Summer Programs

What A Difference a Summer Can Make!

Summer is your opportunity to really show college admissions officers what an interesting candidate you are!

You can hone your academic strengths, work on and improve weak areas, pursue a passion, try out a future major, try out a job or volunteer for something you care about.

The most important thing for the college bound student is to do something meaningful with your time. What you do over the summer can be used to great advantage in your college application.

What about Summer Programs?

There are hundreds of summer programs available in the US and to a lesser degree in the UK and Canada. You can study anything from anthropology to computer science to environmental science, English as a second language, sports management or even zoology. You can learn to play golf, sail a boat or surf.

Attending a summer program, especially an academically rigorous one or one in which you pursue a passion, can aid your chances of getting into your desired college.

They can help differentiate you from the tens of thousands of other applicants. Remember! As many as 90,000 other students may be applying for admission in the same college that you wish to attend.

What will you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd? What experience or passion will you be able to write about in a compelling way?

Use this summer … your summer… to find out!

You should also be aware that summer programs are not the only answer. A meaningful internship, a summer job, time spent volunteering on a project that you care about or even an eye opening trip can also have great positive impact on you and your college application.

Contact TEAM today to help you identify the best summer opportunity for you….don’t waste your Summer!

Shanghai TEAM ready-set-go camps!

Team Education run several of its own programs in Shanghai seperately and in conjunction with the Community Centre Shanghai (CCS):

Please click on the left side ‘Ready-Set-Go’ tab for details of what is happening right now.

We will be repeating Summer sessions in the future such as our College Application Camp CAC! and SAT intense revision and booster program.

College Application Camp ‘CAC!’

The competition to attend college in the US is ever increasing. How will you stand out from the crowd?

It is all in your application….

The purpose of TEAM Education ‘CAC!’ is to aid students in positioning themselves at the highest end of their personal college range and to help them present themselves via their essays in their best possible light.

Students write and complete their best quality personal stand-out essays and school specific supplements in our intensive 4.5-day workshop.

USA Featured Summer Program:

English as a second language?

UCLA Future Scholars Summer Academy-

A university preparation program for Asian high school students

This program will run again 4-24 August 2013. The program has been designed especially for Asian students to address English language, university expectations and American culture transition issues and is taught by UCLA Professors.

You can apply directly by following the UCLA link or book through TEAM Education and receive these extra fee based services:

    Assisted Application completion
    English language assessment*
    Accompanied Group travel with TEAM Education personnel
    TEAM arranged ground travel in USA to and from airport
    Weekly Internet blog (in Chinese) and photos of your student by TEAM Education personnel

Team Educationis not an agency for any program in college or university. We do not accept fees paid for student recruiting.

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