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Hi Dr. Woz!!

It’s been a while but I didn’t forget about you! A lot has happened and all I can say is COLLEGE IS GREAT. Specifically, William and Mary is awesome, and I can’t imagine what my college experience would’ve been like if I went anywhere else. The people here are honestly amazing and words can’t describe how much I love my friends. I’ve grown so attached to them and I’m one of the lucky people blessed with wonderful hall mates. I ‘m also in Swim and Water Polo club and my teammates are like family. There’s so much to talk about that I can’t fit everything in an email but I just want to thank you for introducing this college to me. It’s the best thing that has happened to me ever. My mom wanted me to transfer to an Ivy after my sophomore year but honestly I don’t want to leave this place. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Hopefully I ‘ll email you again soon if something big happens 🙂

Chinese Student

College of William and Mary, Class of 2022

Hi Dr. Woz!!




就读于威廉玛丽学院 2022届

Hi Tess,

As I am listening to the frustrations of parents of seniors I am reminded how stressful that period of time was in our household. First I chuckle, then have empathy for them, and finally thankful we found you. You played so many roles at once. Referee, guidance counselor, life coach, mentor. You are truly magical with these kids and certainly know how to handle the parents. I loved how you focused on Elan with constant eye contact and that soothing voice, keeping the overbearing parent (me at the time) out of the process.

Our daughter has surprised us by taking off like a super sonic jet at the University of Michigan. The obvious enthrallment with the sports was a given, but she is finding her place in this huge university and is realizing she can hold her own and exceed in such a big, competitive environment. Elan has surprisingly joined a sorority. She stated she found a sorority full of awkward, nerdy girls like me. She also was accepted into the Sports Management Association. This boosted her confidence, beating out several of her male peers.

As we get ready to repatriate I wanted to take this moment to thank you for all your help and effort, not just for her but also for us.

American Parent

Daughter at University of Michigan, Class of 2019

Hi Tess,





女儿就读于美国密歇根大学2019 届

Hey Tess,

I've been really enjoying my time at Lang and there are many opportunities to try new things. Recently, I went to a workshop and was able to paint with bacteria which was super cool!

On the whole, I've been having a great time in college so far! Thank you for all the help you have offered me in the process of me making it here 🙂 I am very grateful for your help.

Chinese Student

Eugene Lang Class of 2022

Hey Tess,

我真的非常享受我在Eugene Lang的生活,这里有大量尝试新事物的机会。最近,我参加了一个研讨会,那里我可以用细菌作画,这太酷了!




Without Team Education Consultants, our son could not have done so well. They were there to help him each step of the way. Team provides services that really suited and fit our son, especially for the suggestions and advice on college selection. The most remarkable and notable thing for me as a mother was how they worked with my son to help him find and know himself, his strengths and key interests. This in turn has also greatly improved his self-confidence. As parents we appreciate and value this the most.

Now our son has smoothly entered his first year in college with high confidence and everything is going well. We are delighted we met Team Education. I want to say ‘Thank you” again.

Chinese Parent

Son attending University of Washington, Bothell

The biggest impression TEAM Education has made on me is that they are so conscientious and excellent in their work. Before we signed the contract, they spent a lot of time talking to us in order to fully understand our son’s abilities and needs as well our concerns and hopes as parents. After we signed, they have met and exceeded all of our expectations.

They have a tremendous knowledge of the US colleges and the process and have been able to teach us and guide us in our decision-making. We are not only happy with their consulting services, everyone in my family is deeply moved.

LY, Chinese National

Hi Dr. Woz!

I just moved into Pitzer last week, and I’ve already fallen in love with this place. In only a few days I’ve met some of the most passionate and open-minded people I’ve ever encountered, and so many of my peers have similar aspirations relating to the roles they want to play in our society, I could not have found a better college. The campus is just gorgeous, I have view on the mountains from my dorm it’s really beautiful. I am already enrolled in a writing seminar which is completely focused on animals and sustainability, and I was accepted into their accelerated biochemistry course! I have one more class to pick to fill my fourth credit, and I’m considering human histories or media and social change for this semester, the courses all look so fascinating!

I wanted to thank you and Tess for having helped me find such a perfect fit for college, I really could never have accomplished this without you guys. I hope all is well for you, and that you both had a wonderful summer!

I hope to stay in touch!

French Student

Pitzer College Class of 2020

Hi Dr. Woz!






What I want to tell you is that I really enjoy studying at Colgate! I have picked the right university! We have begun classes for two days and I really like my professors! They are so knowledgeable and interesting, and I feel I can establish a close relationship with them. Students here are so nice and the campus is absolutely beautiful!

As you know, I joined the pre-orientation of Maroon-News (university newspaper). I wrote an article on the student profiles of the Class of 2019, and it was published in the school newspaper! This is the first time for me to publish my own article with my name below in the school newspaper. I want to continue writing articles for Maroon-News and join other clubs, such as music groups and sports teams as well.

I really want to say thank you for helping me get into such a great university! Without you, I may not even know Colgate and would not apply for the school! You are very farseeing and are the most professional counselor I have ever met! I am very glad of having chosen you and I hope that we can keep in contact!


Chinese Student

Colgate University Class of 2019

我就是想写信告诉你,我太享受在科尔盖特大学的学习生活了!我选到了最为适合自己的大学! 目前已经开课两天,我极其喜欢我的教授们!他们是如此渊博和风趣,我感觉到我能和教授们建立起密切的联系。

我的同学们也十分友好,还有校园真是太美丽了! 另外,如你所知,我参加了 Maroon-News报纸的招新会。我还写了一篇文章,是关于2019级学生简况的,已经被发表在校报上!这是我第一次看到自己的文章被发表,标题下署我的姓名。我想接下来继续为 Maroon-News 写文章,还要参加其他的社团,例如音乐小组和体育队等等。




就读于科尔盖特大学 (Colgate University) 2019届

Dear Sean, Torwon, Bo, and Tess:

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the efforts in “shaping up” my daughter’s motivation in her academic achievement. What ever you guys are doing- works!!

Yesterday was xxx Parent Teacher Conference and I met up with a few of her teachers, including a support teacher that helps xxx in improving her reading comprehension…All the teachers commented on the improvement and progress she has made in terms of her grade, quality of work, deep level of thinking and sense of responsibility. They all said they saw a dramatic improvement in quality of work and efforts put in.

The important thing is that they all know it doesn’t come easy for her in writing …but she is working extra hard to move up her grades. Her teacher (a tough grader) was particularly generous in her compliments about xxx and how she is able to ask good questions and present work showing a deeper level of thinking.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Again, just want to keep you posted on and thank you for all your efforts.

American Parent

Shanghai American School, Pudong

Since September, 2011, our daughter, Kate, has been receiving tutoring and college preparation, including SAT preparation, from Team Education. The services provided by Team Education have exceeded our expectations. We have been impressed by the quality of the instruction in the college preparation program and the level of knowledge of university requirements and opportunities presented by Team Education’s Tess Robinson. Tess has taken time to get to know our daughter and is well aware of Kate’s weaknesses as well as her strengths. Tess has tirelessly worked to enhance and highlight Kate’s strengths while stretching her so that she may gain success in areas that are more challenging to her. Also, Tess maintains consistent weekly communications with Kate and ourselves which permits us to monitor and track Kate’s progress.

We have also been very impressed by the tutors provided by Team Education. The tutors that we have encountered have been dedicated professionals whose main goal is to see Katie achieve academic success. As with Tess, the tutors address Kate’s individual needs and adjust their instruction to best suit her.

It was important to us that Tess and Team Education teach college readiness and not just academic preparedness. By attending Team Education, Kate has learned life lessons, such as organization, time management, self-advocacy and self-critique. While Kate has made substantial academic progress since starting with Team Education, her greatness success has been in an increased self awareness and maturity. These qualities will serve her not only through her college career but will also enhance her life.

Well done TEAM!
Thank you

American Parent

Concordia International School, Shanghai

Hi Tess,

It has been Ben’s best of best result, he got all in which including WUSTL, UCLA, Lehigh, GT, UC Davis, Duke and UC Berkeley... Thank you so much! It’s impossible to get to this point without your help! I can’t imagine Ben would get there without your tireless coach and push in the past 2 years, you guide him as today’s Ben, acceptance by so many top schools is just result of great efforts by you and Ben! Really appreciate!

Chinese Parent

Son attends Duke Class of 2020

Hi Tess,




I was very happy to talk with you last time in my home, our family had a long talk after the conversation between us after your consultation. Thanks to your explanation about Psychology and the possibilities available to me if I were allowed to pursue it, my parents finally agreed to let me go to graduate school to study Psychology and regard it as my real career. Thank you so much for helping me find my goal for life after graduation.

YX, Chinese student

2nd year student at Northeastern University

Henry has been working really hard on his IB exams these past weeks. He seems to have a much better learning attitude and passion. I believe you, Dr. Woz, and Tess have already made a meaningful impact on him.

Chinese National, Shanghai

Son attends Shanghai United International School

During the process of selecting universities/colleges in USA, we have enjoyed the exquisite and thoughtful services and great patience from TEAM Education Consultants. The application process provided our daughter the opportunity to gain self-knowledge and self-discovery. We are delighted to see the changes in our daughter during this process: she has a much clearer idea on school selection now. She felt as though she was in a og at the very beginning. Her English speaking is fluent and confident now, but she stammered when she first met with Tess. The education method conducted by Team Education is heuristic and encouraging.

This showed us the difference between American style education and Chinese style education. In TEAM’s belief, there is no GOOD school or BAD school. It’s the FIT that matters. That’s why they work to try to find out the unique things of each child and find the best fit school for them.

By virtue of professional and attentive services, TEAM removed our fears of language barrier and culture differences. They provide a full range of study plans for each individual student’s needs and are not just limited to improving testing skills for TOEFL and SAT. We look forward to our daughter’s application results to USA universities and colleges due to the excellent work done by TEAM.

Chinese Parent

Daughter attended Occidental College, Class of 2017

在海外留学申请过程中,我们享受着卓致耐心周到细致的服务。申请的过程,也是女儿对自我重新认 知、重新发现的过程。在这当中我 们欣喜地看到女儿身上的变化:对 留学目标的选择从先前的茫然到 如今的日益清晰,从初见Tess时的 青涩、语言的结巴,到如今自信、流 利的表达。

引导式、启发式、鼓励式的教育, 使我们初尝了美式教育和中式教 育的不同。在卓致的字典中,学校 没有好坏之分,只有适合不适合之 别,所以他们所要做的就是挖掘出 每个孩子独特的个性,寻找到与之 匹配的学校。

他们凭借着专业的服务,打破了家 长、学生对语言不适应及文化差异 的恐惧,针对每个学生的特点,提 供全方位的学习方案,而不仅局限 于TOEFL、SAT之类的考试技能的 提高。卓致教育使我们对海外求学 之路充满期待。


女儿就读西方学院 (Occidental College)2017届

I could not have done any of this without your help. So thank you very much for your kind words and your constant support for the past year!

Chinese Student

St. John’s College Class of 2020



就读于圣约翰学院 2020届

Dear Tess,

We are very happy Max has performed excellently for his Semester 2. -A very good Y11.

As we have reiterated to Max, results are the measures of efforts so we are even happier with the efforts Max has put in to achieve these grades and evaluations from Mr. Stuurman.

We would also like to thank you and Hannah for guiding and motivating Max this academic year. You have played a big part in his success. Thank you.

We'll be off to Boston tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Wishing all a happy and fun summer.
Safe travels.

Malaysian Parents






Dear Tess,

It’s hard to believe that it will be the final session and Alexis will be moving on without you ladies. Fortunately, Alexis learned a lot from you over the past three years. Thank you so much everyone who helped Alexis and comforted me from time to time, I am grateful for your professional support, brilliant ideas, and your care for Alexis!

Chinese Parent

Daughter attends Boston University Class of 2022





Thank you for guiding me through this entire journey, Tess. Since mid-junior year you have worked so hard to help me with not only my college process, but also making me a better student. I won't forget all the late nights you stayed up to correct my essays. Looking back at myself before mid-junior year, I think it's not an exaggeration to say that you have saved my life. Thank you for everything!

Chinese Student

Case Western University Class of 2022

感谢你在整个过程中指导我,Tess。在11年级中期开始,你 竭尽全力帮助我,不仅是指导我完 成大学申请过程,同时还引导我成 长为一名更好的学生。我不会忘记 所有那些你帮我修改文书的不眠 之夜。回首11年级中期之前的我自 己,我可以毫不夸张地说,你拯救 了我。感谢你的所有付出!



Hi Tess and Linna,

Thanks to your great guidance to our child. Many things Tess has told her, or she learned the American code of conduct from Tess, all these helped her a lot. Because we have met with some other parents, talking about their children’s experiences, compared to them, we feel we are really lucky to have you and the whole TEAM to support my daughter on her applications and transition process. Thank Tess and all of the TEAM for what you have done.

Chinese Parent

Child in US boarding school, Class of 2021

Tess 和 Linna,

感谢你们给了我女儿很好的引导。很多问题Tess提前讲过,或者从Tess身上看到一些美国的行为准则的规范,对她帮助很大。因为我们遇到其他 一些家长说自己孩子的情况,对比之下,感觉很庆幸。感谢你们。



Dear Tess and Prianka,

Thank you very much for helping me become a better student. You taught me how to manage my time wisely, take risks, and most importantly, how to make decisions for myself. Once again, thank you very much, and I hope you will consider to make a big impact in your students’ lives.

China Taiwan Student

Taipei American School





Dear Tess and Shannon,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude. I want to thank both for doing your utmost work and support to Frank in the past 3 years. I see what is called professionalism and dedication in both of you!

I remember when we had our first interview in 2019, I was apprehensive because Frank was not a high-achieving kid. I'm worried that you will only want to accept those top students, because they can bring the admissions of elite schools and benefit your future business. But I'm glad you didn't "dislike" Frank when you met him. You discussed with him what he likes and what he wants to do in the future. You told him you wanted to work with him and help him achieve his goals.

That's what I'm especially grateful to both of you for bringing to Frank over these three years – real caring for his growth: not just academically, but also character building. I hear you tell Frank over and over again, “You need to be more independent and accountable to yourself, because when you go to college, there will be no one around to play the role of reminder and nanny all the time, you need to be more proactive and take care of your own Act responsibly!”

I wholeheartedly agree with this, and I am very grateful for your persistence and encouragement for Frank. I have seen Frank grow in the past three years and in the matter of applying for admission - this has also made me kind of stay away from the application process, basically no intervention. Frank managed to complete this important journey of his life independently with your support! This is his achievement and the credit of both of you!

Finally, I would like to specifically mention your degree of expertise and extensive experience in college selection. For those top students, the choice of school will be simple. But in Frank's situation, your professional experience becomes even more important, because we know too little about American schools, apart from those well-known famous schools, we have no idea what other schools are suitable for Frank, so we very much need your experience to help suggest and screen out. TEAM has a complete system for identifying suitable schools, from the assessment of students' personality to the intensive communications with great patience. After manydiscand adjustments with Frank, he finally has a relatively clear list of schools. He himself thinks this is a list of schools he likes and suits him. This is exactly there is no the “best”college, but only the“suitable”college. On the way of university application, your experience has given him a rich and varied choice.

Plus, your experience has helped Frank avoid potential pitfalls. I remember that he wanted to apply to the same university because of the recommendation of his classmates. But you shared some information that he didn't know to prevent him from making decisions that he would regretted based on incomplete information. Here, your experience once again proved your values!

The admission offer from the first university came in early December, and we congratulated Frank together in the WeChat group, but I actually know that without the hard work of both of you and your excellent school selection strategy, there will be no college that he really likes!

Frank's high school career is coming to an end, and a new college life is just around the corner. He should still encounter different difficulties and challenges, but I believe that the knowledge and skills he learned from you duirng high school years will help him integrate into the new environment and start a new journey as soon as possible. Thank you for your genuine concern for Frank in the past three years. You have given him a real good example with your own actions: professionalism, persistence and independence!

Many thanks again!

Frank’s mom

July 3rd, 2022

Dear Tess and Shannon,

今天写这封信是希望特别感谢这三年来两位对于 Frank 倾力的付出和支持。在两 位身上我看到了什么叫专业与敬业!

记得 2019 年当我们第一次面谈时,我心里有些忐忑: 因为 Frank 不是一个学习 成绩优异的孩子。我担心你们会不会只希望接受那些学霸学生,因为他们可以带 来名校效应,有益于你们将来的招生。但我很庆幸你见到 Frank 时没有“嫌弃” 他,你和他探讨他的喜好、他将来想要做什么,你告诉他希望和他一起努力,帮 助他达成他的愿望。

这是我特别感激两位在这三年来带给 Frank 的-对他的成长真正的关心:不仅仅 是学业,还包括他的品格塑造。我听到你们一遍一遍地告诉 Frank:你需要更为 独立、对自己负责,因为将来去了大学,不会有人在身边一直扮演提醒和保姆的 角色,你需要更为积极主动,为你自己的行为负责!

这一点我真心地认同,也非常感谢你们一直以来的坚持以及给予他的鼓励,我看 到 Frank 在这三年、在申学这件事上的成长 – 这也使得我在整个申学过程中基 本上没有介入。Frank 做到了在你们的支持下独立完成了这段人生的重要旅程! 这是他的成果,也是两位的功劳!

最后,我想特别提一下你们在大学选择上的专业程度和丰富的经验。对于学霸学 生而言,学校的选择会很简单。但碰到 Frank 这种状况,你们的专业经验就变得 尤为重要。因为我们对美国学校的了解太少,除了那些耳熟能详的名校,其它可 选的、适合 Frank 的学校有哪些我们完全没有概念,所以我们非常需要你们的经 验来帮忙建议和删选。TEAM 有一套完善的识别适合学校的体系,从学生个性测 评,到一次一次与学生耐心地对话、讨论与调整,最后 Frank 有了一个比较清晰 的学校清单。他本人也认为这是一个他喜欢并适合他的学校清单。所谓没有最好, 只有适合,大学的申请道路上,你们的经验给予了他丰富多样的选择。

另外,你们的经验还帮助 Frank 避开了那些可能的坑。记得他因为同学的推荐,希望申请同一所大学。但你们分享了他并不知道的一些信息,避免他在信息不全 的基础上作出令他后悔的决定。在此,你们的经验再次证明了你们的价值!

第一所大学的录取通知在 12 月初就早早地来到,我们在群里一起祝贺着 Frank, 但我其实知道若没有你们俩的努力和优秀的择校策略,一定不会有他心仪的结果! Frank 的高中生涯即将告一段落,新的大学生活就在眼前。他应该仍然会碰到不 同的困难与挑战,但我相信他在高中时代,在你们身上学到的知识技能会帮助他 尽快融入新环境,展开新旅程。谢谢你们在这三年里对 Frank 真切的关心,你们 用自己的行动给予了他一个真实的好榜样:那就是专业、坚持与 立!


Frank 妈妈

2022 年 7 月 3 日